Thursday, September 29, 2016

Some Swedish

Still waiting for the Mars box, I decided to paint some more Swedish, using the Strelets boxes.

The first unit is the Sachsiska Regiment (Schommer), raised in 1707 with Saxon prisoniers from the Battle of Fraustadt. It was a purely muskeeter regiment; in 1718 the grenadiers wore the mitre cap, so I depicted a couple of  miniatures in such an attire. It is a way to use the countless grenadiers present into the Strelets box of Swedish infantry, in fact. The regiment was disbanded in 1721 and fought with distinction at Helsinborg and in the Norwegian campaigns of 1716 and 1718.

The other two units are cavalry. By the way the Strelets Swedish Reiters have the cuirass, as already noted on the post on the Danish cavalry. So they are pretty incorrect when one want to depicts the Swedish horse. Of course one can simply paint the coat over the cuirass or in alternative use the Swedish Drabants from Strelets without painting the lace. The problem with the Drabants are the shabraques. So, after having used a cuople of horse to make the Drabants base and another three to made General Officer horses, I was left with a bunch of horses with wrong shabraques. No problems at all: knife and Green Stuff, and we get the correct saddle.

The first regiment is the Adelsfana och Sverige i Finland, the oldest horse regiment of the Swedish Crown. Here is the “middle war” blue uniform with blue lining. Captured at Poltava, rebuilt and present at Helsinborg.

The other regiment was not at Helsinborg but I did it mainly to use the kettledrummers from the Swedish Reiter box. By using the Italaerei Mameluks head I obtained the Pommerska Dragoner kettledrummer, a moor whose name was Karl Johann and which is on the cover of the first edition of L.E. Hoglund book:

This is the result I obtained. However, I didn’t modify the kettledrums, I liked the original sculpt indeed.

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Phil said...

They look great, splendid colors!