Friday, September 9, 2016

Kolin: an update

Some time ago I started to post about the project Kolin, a case study of the battle simulation with three different set of rules, namely Volley and Bayonet, Maurice and Db-Hx, all of which have a nice scenario for such a paradigmatic battle.

At that time I missed a lot of hussars regiments to complete the V&B scenario. In these months I filled the gap and thanks to a new photo camera I am going to show you the results.

The 6 Austrian regiments still missing, which in details are, left to right: first line HR 41, Warasdiner, HR 17, Kalnoky, HR 36, Palatinal, second line HR 35, Morocz, HR 34, Desseffwy, HR 11, Nadasty).

The Prussians: 

HR 3, Warnery, HR 4, Puttkammer and  HR7, Malachowsky, (left-to-right)

on the right the HR 8 Gersdorff (the Maxen Red Hussars) and the HR 5 Ruesch (Totenkopf), whereas on the left two cuirassiers regiments which I didn't paint yet because they weren't at Torgau, the CR 9 Bredow and the CR 6 Baron von Schoinach (both of the Maxen lot, too)

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