Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Syburg and Stutterheim Grenadier Brigades

The vanguard of Frederick's attack was composed by the army best ten battalions of grenadiers, in the two 5-battalions brigades of General Major Syburg and Stutterheim. For a detailed description of their ordeal you can look at the Kronoskaf article on the battle (still in progress, my fault...)

From left to right, first line GB 29/31Falkhenhayn, StGb1 Carlowitz, GB 5/20 Jung Billerbeck, GB 33/42 Nimschowfsky, GB 33/36 Schwartz and GB 9/10 Bahr. The same folks from the back:

the slightly outlandish Romanic Church is from the italian brand McGjio Models. The battalions are based in pair on the standard 3" x 1.5" V&B regimental base.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The King of Prussia himself to begin with..

It's time to start this blog. I will show the pictures of my 6mm armies as well as other paraphernalia related with my hobbies, mainly wargame, boardgame and military history.

As an adept to the Old Fritz worship, what else I can do than to start with his command stand?

Frederick the Great with two aides and an hussar from the 4th regiment. They are based on a 2" square base, larger than the 1.5" standard V&B commanders base. Miniatures by Heroics and Ros,