Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Syburg and Stutterheim Grenadier Brigades

The vanguard of Frederick's attack was composed by the army best ten battalions of grenadiers, in the two 5-battalions brigades of General Major Syburg and Stutterheim. For a detailed description of their ordeal you can look at the Kronoskaf article on the battle (still in progress, my fault...)

From left to right, first line GB 29/31Falkhenhayn, StGb1 Carlowitz, GB 5/20 Jung Billerbeck, GB 33/42 Nimschowfsky, GB 33/36 Schwartz and GB 9/10 Bahr. The same folks from the back:

the slightly outlandish Romanic Church is from the italian brand McGjio Models. The battalions are based in pair on the standard 3" x 1.5" V&B regimental base.

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