Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Danish Infantry at Helsinborg. Part II

The last five regiments of Danish infantry are finally completed.

The Drottingens Regiment (a.k.a. The Queen Regiment), unique in its red coat which will become the standard uniform color after 1716. The grenadier is based on the drawing from the Snorrasson article, which actually represents a grenadier NCO:

the Fynske Regiment, with its unique red collars (but it seems that is an error and that probably it was a necklace: anyway I liked it….)

the Jyllandske (Jutland) Regiment: the grenadier cap is based on an illustration taken from Snorranson.

Two milita units, the Vestsajellandske and the Ostsajellandske Landsmilitia: the sources states that the Landsmilitia flag was the simple “Danneborg”, the white maltese cross on red field.

In the last picture the Danish army in its OoB at Helsinborg, 1710: