Friday, August 22, 2014

Nec Aspera Terrent

I finished the rebasing of my Hannoverians, so I proudly present my Hannoverian contingent which represents a small but reliable force of 16 battalions and 24 squadrons commanded by Lt. General Von Sporcken.

The Hannoverian heavy cavalry regiments are on 3 squadrons, so I based them in pairs; for the history and the war records of any regiments, their name is linked to the corresponding entries in Kronoskaf:

The Garde du Corps and Grenadiers a Cheval mustered 2 squadrons altogether for a full-strenght total of 374 rank and file: however I decided to represent them as a regiment since they were present at Hastenbeck, Krefeld, Minden, Vellinghausen and Wilhelmsthal. The two units were amalgamated in 1763 and disbanded in 1803.

The Luckner Hussars, four squadrons in 1760, here in its first green uniform, changed into white after 1760:

The Hannoverian regiments were 1 battalion strong, only the Garde being a two-battalion regiment: accordingly I based them in pairs, the coupling being selected at random. Again the regiment names are linked to Kronoskaf.

From left to right:

A close-up of  the 6A Hardenberg/2A von Sporken base:

To complete my Hannoverian contingent I need a couple of dragoons regiments, the field and heavy artillery, the converged grenadiers battalions and some light troops like the Legion Britannique with its multicolored battalions.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Star Fort

Everybody needs a “Star Fort” for his minis: I found this for free at the Mondorfer Bastelbogen site. It is the Festung Pfaffenmütz, built on the Rhine by the Dutch in 1622 during the Thirty Years War and besieged and conquered by the Spanish in 1629. It doesn’t exist anymore, its trace lost in the whirlwind of Revolutionary Wars.

It is an easy model to build: I simply flocked the glacis to give some uniformity with my terrain and with the regimental bases. In the future I plan to add some ravelin and maybe an hornwerk. No idea how to use it in my wargame, but I felt that my collection wouldn’t be complete without a fort…