Saturday, January 15, 2011

Zeiten's Corps

After a long pause, another batch of the Prussian Army at Torgau: the Zeiten Corps (21 battalions, 54 squadrons and 40 guns) here depicted lying motionless behind the Rohr-Graben, their Commander riding boldly in front of them:

The Avant Garde, commanded by Von Kleist: the Frei Battalion Salenmon, the HR1 (Kleist)

and the Kleist Frei-Cavalry: the Frei Husaren in red and green and the Frei Dragoner with their austrian-like fur caps.

The cavalry wing: the first line, cuirassiers under Gen. Lt Prinz Von Wurtemberg, the second line dragoons under Gen. Lt von Platen.

A close-up of CR 13 (Garde du Corps).

The infantry wing: the first line (Gen. Lt von Neu-Wied) and the second line (Gen. Lt von Forcade);

the first line was comprised of the Saldern and Zeuner brigade with the best regiments of Prussian infantry: IR 1 Zeuner (ex Winterfeldt), IR 13 Syburg (ex Itzenplitz), IR 18 Prinz of Preussen, IR 15 II and III Battalion Garde and IR6 Grenadier Garde: