Saturday, January 15, 2011

Zeiten's Corps

After a long pause, another batch of the Prussian Army at Torgau: the Zeiten Corps (21 battalions, 54 squadrons and 40 guns) here depicted lying motionless behind the Rohr-Graben, their Commander riding boldly in front of them:

The Avant Garde, commanded by Von Kleist: the Frei Battalion Salenmon, the HR1 (Kleist)

and the Kleist Frei-Cavalry: the Frei Husaren in red and green and the Frei Dragoner with their austrian-like fur caps.

The cavalry wing: the first line, cuirassiers under Gen. Lt Prinz Von Wurtemberg, the second line dragoons under Gen. Lt von Platen.

A close-up of CR 13 (Garde du Corps).

The infantry wing: the first line (Gen. Lt von Neu-Wied) and the second line (Gen. Lt von Forcade);

the first line was comprised of the Saldern and Zeuner brigade with the best regiments of Prussian infantry: IR 1 Zeuner (ex Winterfeldt), IR 13 Syburg (ex Itzenplitz), IR 18 Prinz of Preussen, IR 15 II and III Battalion Garde and IR6 Grenadier Garde:


Ray said...

Very impressive, I bet they look good on the table all together.

Paul´s Bods said...

Me like.
Good to see you have joined up at Bennos :-D

mekelnborg said...

I know what you mean about that Torgau by Frank Chadwick game. I never saw that one but played Terrible Swift Sword against guys who spoke of it in awe, back then, and many others like it later, including Chadwick's own Prague micro and Peter Englund's Holowczyn 1708 micro, and lots more.