Sunday, March 6, 2011

Prussian second and third columns

The second column was under the command of General Lieutenant Von Hulsen, a doughty commander who fought at Lobositz, Kolin, wounded at Kunersdorf and again here at Torgau.

Later in the day he lead the final push of infantry. All his horse being shot under from him and since his age and his wound prevented him from going on foot, he set himself on a cannon and had himself dragged into the enemy fire. The scene according to Menzel:

Hulsen and IR 7 Bevern:

The Brigade Braun and Queiss:

A close-up of the Grenadier battalions from the Brigade Braun:

IR 25 Ramin, IR19 Markgraf Karl and the Fusilier Regiment 35 Prinz Heinrich from Brigade Queiss:

The last column to arrive on the field was the cavalry column under the command of the General der Kavallerie Georg Ludwig, Herzog von Holstein-Gottorp:

according to Duffy, his late arrival was causated by his "long breakfast". Anyway his cavalry nearly won the day for Frederick, before being repelled by the Austrian cavalry furious counterattacks.

The cavalry column:

The Herzog von Holstein with his infantry brigade, IR 16 Dohna and IR 22 Alt-Schenckendorff with a battery of 12 pdr heavy guns:

The cavalry, under the command of Count von Finckenstein, who fell into austrian hands in the later stages of the battle; Brigade Aschersleben (CR3 Lentulus and CR4 Schmettau):

Brigade Meinecke, C1 Schlabrendorff, CR5 Prinz Friederich and CR12 Spaen:

The Dragoon brigades: DR11 Jung Platen, DR12 Wurtemberg and the super large DR5 Bayreuth:

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mekelnborg said...

I like the way you have interpreted the regiments to the bases in adapting the VAB rules to the battle you are focussing on. I have some of those same H and R figures and it is interesting to see how you are using them. Good post.