Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Austrian Cavalry

There were two wings of cavalry in Daun's main army, under two of the most-famed austrian generals, Buccow and O'Donnell.
The General der Kavallerie Adolph Nicolaus, Baron Buccow was reputed by Daun as "an admirabily active and versatile commander". Anyway he was disliked by Lacy. At Torgau he commanded the right-wing cavalry and directed some important counterattacks, suffering a wound which contribuited to his removal from active service.
The first line was formed by the Brigade Voghera, CR3, Erzherzog Leopold, CR 27 Benedikt Daun

and one of my favorite regiments, DR 9 Aspremont-Linden, better known as "Savoyen":

The second line was formed by Brigade Wiese, with DR 7 Batthyany and CR (ii) Buccow:

The left wing was under the command of the General der Kavallerie Carl O'Donnell of irish descent, which at Torgau distinguished himself repelling the Holstein attack. He took the control of the Army after Daun's wound.
According to Duffy "...was of an amiable disposition, he played the flute, and he enjoyed the company of a young mistress named Augusta. Daun describes him as being something of a showman".

Here is in front of CR4 Erzherzog Ferdinand from the Brigade Lobkowitz:

the other two regiments of the Brigade, DR 19 Hessen-Darmstadt (red-coated) and CR 25 Anhalt-Zerbst:

The second line was formed by Brigade Zollern, CR 14 O'Donnell and CR 26 Emanuel von Portugal:


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