Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Russian Infantry (I)

Another step in my Poltava project, the Russian Guards and some Grenadiers (once again they are mostly Strelets with some Zvedza).

First of all the Preobrashenski regiment represented here with four basis, one for battalion:

there were of course some variations in the uniform details, as ever with the russians. I opted for the red socks/gaiters version. The grenadier headgear is of the type introduced from 1709-10. At Poltava they had more probably a grenadier cap of this sort:

The Semeonovski regiment which I painted in this shade of blue:

A nice thing of the Russian is that one can paint different regiments in various shades of the same color (indeed this happened at company level, many times with different coat colors within the same regiment). In both cases the flag were scanned from the Hoglund book. The regimental commander, Prince Golytzin, was wounded at Narva. The regiment was on three battalions.

The DuBois grenadier regiment: according to Hoglund it was raised in 1708 from the grenadier coys of  7 regiments. 

Its full name was “General Enzberg’s Grenadier Regiment” but at Poltava was know with the name of its commander, De Bois or Du Bois. From 1712 it became the 4th Grenadier Regiment.

One of the various Strelets oddities is the so-called “Streltsi Bonus figure”. In many boxes there is a single Streltsi miniatures, the full list here. By collecting those I had I was able to muster also a Streltsi regiment. 

I choose the 12th Moscow regiment (Nechajev), an unit with a long battle history, from Saladen (1703) to Poltava (1709) were it seems that it garrisoned some of the redoubts.

A final view of the russian infantry painted thus far, the equivalent of 37 battalions: to complete the Poltava OoB I need at least 14 more battalions whose uniforms will be red, white, green, yellow and blue, just to add some more uniform variations.