Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ried Light Corps

Ried light corps, 3686 infantry and cavalry: during the battle Ried did his best to slow Frederick advance in the woods and later counterattacked the Prussian in the flank.

Ried himself with the Deutsche Feldjager Corps:

Grenz Regiment 66, Slavonische Broder:

The husaren: I painted HR24 P.A.Hesterhazy, but at Torgau there was the HR32 Szecheny. Indeed, the first (wrong) OOB I was able to find gave HR24: moreover they have a colorful uniform:

HR 24 Paul Anton Esterhazy (from Brauer Bogen, Tafel 71):

HR 32 Szecheny (from Brauer Bogen, Tafel 71):

The Staff Dragoner and Infantry Regiments:

the blue coat of the Staff regiment allowed the outfit to evade capture in the confused final stages of the battle: they were mistook for Prussians!


mekelnborg said...

Always some dilemma or other no matter what we do.

Now do you repaint the facings, or change the label, or buy another regiment and paint them, or do you continue to be reminded of the slight imperfection every time you look at them?

Isn't it a feature of some Japanese art form to always include some slight imperfection on purpose? Maybe the gardens.

Fabrizio Davi' said...

Esterhazy is not the only imperfection: also an hungarian regiment of infantry is misplaced. The Japanese art philosophy is appealing to me, at least until I'll start a new project requiring the missing regiments. No new facing, these folks awarded the right to stay in my collection, neither new labels...