Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The King of Prussia himself to begin with..

It's time to start this blog. I will show the pictures of my 6mm armies as well as other paraphernalia related with my hobbies, mainly wargame, boardgame and military history.

As an adept to the Old Fritz worship, what else I can do than to start with his command stand?

Frederick the Great with two aides and an hussar from the 4th regiment. They are based on a 2" square base, larger than the 1.5" standard V&B commanders base. Miniatures by Heroics and Ros,

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David said...

Ah - the old villain himself, nicely depicted! ;-)

Welcome to 18th century wargames blogging. I've added your blog to my links etc. and look forward to seeing more of your armies. I should really paint up my 6mm Austrian and Prussian troops but don't think I could match the quality of your painting, certainly not without seriously damaging my eyesight!

Have you fought the battle as a wargame with your 6mm armies? If so, do you plan to post a battle report on your blog? That would be interesting to see.