Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Danish heavy cavalry at Helsinborg

There were six heavy cavalry Danish regiments at Helsinborg which I painted from the Strelets Reitars of Charles XII box. Their uniform was, before 1711, a grey-white coat with colored facings, only the Livgardet with a red coat and yellow facings. However their battledress was a buff coat (Kyller) with a black breastplate. I opted for such an outfit for all but the Livgardet which I represented in red.

Going into details the six regiments are:

1st Jyske Cavalry Regt: the oldest cuirassier regiment of the Danish army, in an uniform very old-fashioned with an helmet reminiscent of TYW. Indeed in 1699, they received royal permission to continue to wear a breastplate, which also covered the back as well as helmets and maybe even cover the arms and legs. Luckily enough the Strelets box has just two miniatures of this type (three if we count the an odd kettle-drummer)

Livgarden Til Hast Horse Regt: at Helsinborg, according to Snorrasson, the regiment was dressed in buff coat. However I like the red/yellow combination and I painted it accordingly. Also the flag is a later model, from 1720, the 1710 flag being white with some unknown design. 

1st Sjaelland Horse Regt.

1st Fynske Cavalry Regt.

2nd Fynske Cavalry Regt.

3rd Sjaellandske Cavalry Regt.

To complete the Danish Army at Helsinborg i have to paint three dragoons and  six infantry regiments, plus artillery and commanding officers.


Tom said...

Very nice combination of colours. I like what you did with the Livgarde and went for the colourful option. It's an inspiration to do my own Danes for the GNW.

Fabrizio Davi' said...


I hope to see your Danish soon.. :)



Neil Scott said...

Nice work