Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Maurice playtest: part II, the battle starts.

The battle starts with the Swedish left wing cavalry which advances to protect the infantry attack.  When the Swedish charges their card “Stirrups On” is counterplayed by the Danish card “Attack falters"

(In the top image the brown dices are the basic value, 6, the red and blue the dices rolled. In the right image the situation is after the Danish counterattack)

For a couple of moves the battle rages with 3 Disr for both; the Danish plays “Valeur and Discipline”, recovering all Disr and going to have the edge in the combat. At this point the Swedish advances two brigades of infantry for support. At the end the ensuing volley fase both cavalry are with 4 Disr, on the verge of being broken.

A second line brigade is put in column to support the advance: it will be a costly error, since it will remain stranded in the rear of the Swedish position till the end.

The Swedish in despair tries to rally its cavalry and succeeds: the Danish has no option left then to retire with a retrograde movement.

At this point the Swedish has two options: close to kill or pass: with few cards left, an activation at 12 BW would be costly and the Swedish decide to pass, takes 3 cards, and gives the Danish cavalry the possibility to recover.

(Notice in the picture the makeshift, less intrusive, Disr markers. The Disr value is that in contact with the unit)

At the end of this phase of the battle the Swedish is placed in a better position and can go ahead with the planned attack in echelon. The central part of the battle is going to develop.

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