Saturday, September 24, 2016

More Danish for Helsinborg

There were 3 Dragoons regiments at Helsinborg.

Livdragoner. The sources gives either green or white cuffs and lining. I went for white because I like the combination.

Bulow (Ungarske) Dragoner. This regiment was in service of Austria during the Spanish Succession War. There are many uniform variants, I went for the one with blue cuffs and lining. The cap was a typical “croatian” item: however I went for a regular tricorne which could be also in use.

Själland-Fynska Land Dragoner. Also this regiment has at least two variants known: one blue with white cuffs, the other in gray with blue lining. I choose the latter because I realized that none of my Danish cavalry regiment was in grey.

To complete the infantry I need one more box of MARS Saxon Infantry. Since my local seller was run out of the item, I need to order one box on the Web. In the meantime, by scraping the “bottom of the box” and with some help from the MARS Swedish Infantry, I was able to finish the Marine Regiment.

Also this regiment has many uniform variants grey with white or blue cuffs, red with yellow cuffs: by the way, the one with the red coat was probably a mistake of the “Swedish spymaster” which mistook the red cloack for a coat.  I decided for the 1695 uniform, grey-white with white cuffs and stockings since I liked the idea to have such a combination.

Danish Artillery. The gun is from Revell TYW Artillery. By the way the Strelets Swedish Artillery box allows for some nice scenette. Here the Officier is looking towards the enemy lines and the gunner with the sponge is probably asking himself what the hell he is looking for. The other two gunners, in the meantime, are minding they own business….

The red gun carriage are known for the Norway army: however I used the combination also for the Danish, since we have no clues for the carriage color.

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David Cooke said...

I've just started my War of Spanish Succession project and have ordered in some Zvesda plastics to participate in a few bigger battles. Thought the Mars looked ugly changed my mind I saw yours painted up! Must get some!