Monday, September 5, 2016

Danish Infantry at Helsinborg. Part I

Here the first half of the Danish Infantry at Helsinborg:

Prins Christian Regiment: as far as the flags are concerned, I opted to paint them instead of removing the original flag and use printed flags. Maybe the result is not the best but I enjoyed a lot to paint the flags.

1st Danska Regiment: one of the four regiments loaned to the Maritime Powers and called back in 1709 for the incoming Scania campaign. According to Hoglund, Salnass and Bespalov, after the Italian campaign of 1703 the Danish regiments were reorganized into three. This one was formed with a battalion of Prins Georg and companies of Drottingen and Marine regiments.

Viborg och Lollands Landmilis Battalion. A Land battalion raised in 1701 and disbanded in 1717.

Prinz von Hesse Regiment. I used a Games Workshop flesh to render the “Feuille Morte” facings, instead of a plain orange. I liked the result.

Grenaderkorps Regiment. The officer is from the Mars “Swedish Infantry”.

Garden Till Fods Regiment: here I used a Grenadier from the Mars “Swedish Infantry”. In the next group of regiments I’ll put some grenadiers to add colors and variety. According to Dan Schorr the officers were fully dressed in red.

At the beginning I planned to made the colored-coat regiments with some Zvedza: however I found that the Mars have a strong “personality”. As the review in PSR points out, they are not the best figures on the market and are on the verge of uglyness: however I find that they look pretty “Baroque”, so I’ll finish all the Danish infantry with Mars figures. 


Will McNally said...

Nice work on the Mars figures

MSFoy said...

These are very attractive - the painted flags are fantastic - my compliments!