Sunday, October 2, 2016

Kolin. The refight with Maurice: part I

Fresh from a Maurice solo play I decided to start the analysis of the battle of Kolin from that Rule. I shall use my 6mm collection based for Volley and Bayonet on 3”x1.5” bases.

To represent a unit I shall use 2 bases: no problems for the line and massed formations; to depict the column I simply shall put a paper arrow on the line.

The BW is 1.5”=3.75 cm, accordingly, since the Scenario calls for a map 40BW x 30BW, the playing area shall be of  150 cm x 112,5 cm (60”x 45”). Since my table is 100cm x 200 cm, I shall left off 12.5 centimeters from the Austrian side.

My hills collection didn’t comprise the big hill suggested by the Official Scenario, so I get it by assembling three smaller hills. The ravines simply doesn’t exist, the only problem will be some awkward deployment.

In the pictures the river toward the west is still missing. I didn’t represent the Kaiser Strasse since in the real battle didn’t played a substantial role.

The Austrians: 2 Irregular Infantry (Croats), 1 Elite Infantry (Grenadiers), 8 Trained Regular Infantry (IR26/IR2, IR56/IR21, IR59/IR50, IR31/IR42, IR7/IR12, IR 38/IR27, IR3/IR17,  IR8/IR20), 1 Elite Regular Cavalry (Carabiniers and Horse Grenadiers), 6 Trained Regular Cavalry 2 Hussars (HR 34/HR32, HR 2/HR11) 2 Dragoon (DR19/DR31, DR38/DR28), 2 Cuirassiers(CR12/CR(iii),CR26/CR14) and 5 Artillery, Morale 18. The national advantage is Skirmishers.   

· I tried to display most of the regiments which took part to the 
  battle, but some aren't in my collection which is based on the 
  Torgau OoB; the Bridge equipment and the carriage represent 
  the Prussian Objective.

The “bad boys in blue”: 2 Elite Infantry (GB 35-36 ,9-10/GB 5-20 , 33-42, IR15/StGB 1-GB 21-31), 5 Trained Regular Infantry (IR26/IR30, IR21/IR17, IR41/ IR35, IR20/ IR7, IR22/IR25), 1 Elite Regular Cavalry (CR2/CR8), 4 Trained Regular Cavalry, 2 Hussars (HR4/HR6, HR2/HR3), 1 Dragoon (DR3/DR11), 1 Cuirassier (CR1/CR12) and 3 Artillery, morale 14.

The national advantages are Great Captain, Steady Lads, Lethal Volleys, Oblique Order.

The initial positions

The sun of Kolin enlightens the Daun position; the infantry center with the croats in the two towns and the grenadier corps in reserve on the hill:

The left cavalry wing: 

The prussian deployment seen from the austrian position

and in detail:

The Prussian plan is more or less historical. Since the Austrian left wing has a powerful concentration of cavalry, the Army shall attack the right wing. The cavalry shall cover the infantry deployment and then, by using the various national advantages and the 10 cards the prussian left wing shall roll the Austrian position.

The Austrians are ready to defend, counting on the superior artillery, sheer number, and on the vicious cavalry counterattacks.

The Armies are ready, the battle can start.

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