Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Russians are coming

The painting line for the next weeks: 

on the left the “augmentation” of the existing Russian cavalry which shall be put on the standard of two bases for each regiment. On the right the infantry regiments which are necessary to complete the Poltava OoB, the existing regiments being based on the Holowczin OoB. One of the regiment is a Streltsi one mustered from the “Streltsi bonus figures” which I collected between my Strelets boxes.

To complete the OoB however I need further 7 two-bases regiment which I plan to represent by using both Strelets and Zvedza miniatures.

In the first line you can see the five yet unfinished redoubts whose building I showed in a previous post. I am going to use the same techniques to represent the Russian Army camp which is a serious affair like we can see in these near-contemporary prints:

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