Thursday, April 13, 2017

Hellana 2017

After some years I was back to Hellana, the biggest Wargame Convention of Italy, organized by the friends of the GLA (Gruppo Ludico Aglianese). 

The convention was crowded by people looking at the many wargame tables, browsing within the stands or searching at the bring&buy.

A closer look at some war-game tables. First of all my personal favorite: the battle of Luzzara, 15 August 1702, by the “Giuseppe Garibaldi” Wargame group of Genova, 28mm lead miniatures, rules Baroque from Dadi & Piombo.

The first day at Gettysburg, display game by “Associazione Ludica Apuana”,
15mm lead. Rules Fire & Fury, with a beautiful scenery.

Tank battle at Juvelize, Lorraine 22 September 1944, display game by “Associazione Ludica Apuana”, rules Rapid Fire WWII.

The stand of Impetus, with a battle between French and Bourgognons with the rules Basic Impetus 2, hosted by the rules author Lorenzo Sartori.

From Faenza the friend Aldo Ghetti of the GMBS
 with his new napoleonic rules “N-Su la testa!” (from the famous Baron Lepic phrase at Eylau: “Haut les têtes, la mitraille n'est pas de la merde!”), played with some beutiful plastic 28mm miniatures.

At the Castle Art stand some delightful japanese houses and castle and “Teological fight” a multiplayer scenario with the rules DAISHO.

A Far West display game “La Morte ci sfida”, rules “Hell Creek” by Ganesha Games in 28mm.

The mighty stand of Flame of War.

A WW1 game, a rare bird indeed, the Battle of Montello, June 1918, by the WASP group from La Spezia rules Rapid Fire 2 adapted to WW1, 20mm (1/72) 

The battle of Quebec, 13 September 1759, from Miles Gloriosus Club of Roma, a partecipation game with the rules Drum of War along the Mohawk, in 15mm.

The gabions are made with pasta....

Again it was a very fine day, in company of friends, games and miniatures.

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