Monday, April 3, 2017

More swedish Infantry for Poltava

Two more swedish infantry regiments (indeed finnish), both present at Poltava. First the Nylands regiment (one battalion with Lewenhaupt at Lesnaja, placed in the Vastamalands regiments at Poltava: the other battalion at Riga and captured there in 1710).

The miniatures are Mars, all form the Swedish Infantry box but the fifer, which cames from the Saxon infantry box. I like the fifer for his blue/white/crimson lace. The flag was scanned from the Hoglund book.

The other regiment is the Osterbotten, a solely muskeeter regiment with the same story of the previous: at Poltava it was merged with the Närke-Värmlands. The kneeling figure is again from Mars, the others are Strelets. I changed my mind with respect the original plan (see previous posts) and added a grenadier figure since there were 100 grenadiers out of 1200 soldiers. Also in this case the flag was scanned from the Hoglund book.

To command the infantry I did a base representing the General Adam Ludwig Lewenhaupt (1659-1719) His name in swedish should sound Leijonhufvud (In italian the swedish pronunce of such a name sound awkward as a norse spell…). His defeat at Lesnaja put a shadow on a previoulsly good career: indeed he was able to defend the Baltic provinces when is King was dealing with Saxon and Polish. His care of his soldiers is reflected in the final surrender of the beaten army at Perevolochna. He was despised by Rehnskjold and treated with some comptent by the King (He called him the “Latin general” because he mastered such a language: intellectuals are ever misplaced in any army, as far as I known…).

Both figures are Mars, the officier from the Saxon and the grenadier orderly from the Swedish boxes.

With these last two regiments I finished the swedish infantry for Poltava which now is represented by 32 bases (indeed 32 battalions) which are equivalent to 16 V&B regimental stands or 8 four-bases units in either Maurice or Black Powder. In a next post I’ll show all the infantry parading in front of the injuried King.

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