Friday, April 14, 2017

The completed Swedish infantry for Poltava

General Lewenhaupt presenting my 32 battalions of Swedish infantry to the wounded King:

So I have completed the Swedish Army; it is time to paint the Russians...

However, since every project is born within a previous one, I also put into the painting line two further carolean regiments, namely the Uppland and Sodermalands Tremänning, which, to add variety to my army, I decided to represent in the gray vadmal uniform they had at the beginning of the war. 
In this outfit they were for instance present at Klissow, 1702: this means that, sooner or later, I’ll do some Saxons and more interesting, some Polish cavalry.


Neil said...

Well done sir! Well done.

Neil said...

I forgot to ask - Where did you get the flags?

Fabrizio Davi' said...

Hi Neil,

your blog is one of my favorite. As far as the flags are concerned three of them, the oldest, were drawn on my computer with MacDraw. You can find them in some older posts on the Swedish Army. All the others are scanned from the Hoglund book which is a real goldmine of swedish flags. There are nearly 200 flags for Indelta, Varvade, Mannings and Militia units.

Happy Easter,