Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A small pause and new projects

After completing the Swedish for Poltava, a little pause before the next achievements. Next goal will be the completion of the Russian Army which is underway. Then I shall double all the Danish cavalry bases.

At this point  something of out-of-the-track could be done. I am already planning to do a couple of Tremannings regiments in gray coat and the Valacks, these by using the Orion cossacks. By the way the Valacks can be used either as Polish or Russian Cossacks, the only difference will be a “command base” with a swedish officier for Valacks, a Polish flag for the Poles and I don’t know what for the Russians.

Having done the Swedish, Russian and Danish armies (enough to refight Holowczin, Poltava and Helsinborg), it could be the time to move my attention to the Saxon-Polish army which can widen the horizon to Klissow, Fraustadt and Gadebusch as well as to a lot of smaller actions (the crossing of Duna in 1701 would be an interesting scenario, look here for an example)

The uniforms are well documented, at least for the Saxon part. Besides the Hoglund book there are the Dan Schorr tables from his defunct site Northernwars.com. For the Polish contingent some informations can be obtained by the two Osprey volumes of R. Brezinski on the Polish Army and from the blogs Oderint dum Probent and Kadrinazi. Anyway it will become necessary at least to have some Winged Hussards, a colorful addition to any collection. The other cavalry (Pancerni, Jadza Lekka, Dragoons and Arquebusier, Cossacks) and the elusive infantry units can follow later.
Since I had a very good experience with the Mars Saxon Infantry, which I used to represent the Danish, I’ll probably use them to depicts my Saxon Infantry. I have not yet decided if I’ll use the Zvedza or the Strelets miniatures for the cavalry. 

I would like also to finish the Kolin analysis, this time with V&B and DB-Hx (or HFG) and give a similar treatment to some GNW battles. 

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