Sunday, April 30, 2017

Russian Cavalry "augmentation"

I completed the first eleven regiment of Russian cavalry put on two bases each: these were the cavalry units from the Holowczin OoB which I painted with only one 40x40 mm base for each regiment. I changed the Vladimirsky flag I did previously, which I incorrectly depicted with the 1712 model, with a 1700-1708 model taken from the Hoglund book and changed some details, like the Belozersky karpus. Let introduce them again (the spelling may be incorrect, who knows..):

Vladimirski: the flag is a 1700-1708 model of an unknown regiment; the regiment campaigned from 1701 and was at Holowczin (according to some sources), Lesnaja and Poltava.

Astrakanski: raised in 1701, campaigned in Pomerania in 1711-1713 after Poltava.

Tversky: the flag is correct. I added a dragoon in karpus to add variety. Raised in 1702, after Poltava in the Finnish campaign.

Riazansky. Raised in 1705, at Kalisz 1706, in the Pruth campaign 1711, disbanded 1715.

Sankt Peterburgski. Another regiment raised in 1701, all campaign till Pruth. Disbanded 1711.

Jarovslavski Grenadier: raised 1706. At the Perevolochna surrender: then in Pomerania and Holstein, 1714.

Troitsky Grenadier. Raised 1701, campaigned till 1718.

Belozersky (the standard is from an unknown regiment and was captured at Narva, 1700. Since I have no idea what would be the correct flag, I opted for this one which I like very much). Raised 1703, Holowczin and Poltava. Disbanded 1711, the personnel transferred to Sibirski.

Novgorodski. Raised 1701: some sources give karpus.

Pskovski: the flag is a generic Colonel one. After Poltava at Pruth, 1711.

Azovski: raised in Moscow 1706 from "conscript and disbanded units", not a promising start. At Holowczin, Poltava and Pruth.

The whole bunch:

Now, to complete the Russian cavalry for Poltava I need to paint at least 7 more regiments: I plan to use some Zvedza, together with the reliable Strelets miniatures.

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Zeka said...

They look really nice. I'm waiting for more :)