Sunday, October 3, 2010


I have finally finished the V&B rebasing of the ReichsArmee troops I bought in July. This meant painting battalion guns and artillerymen, mounted officiers and some flag bearers, nco and drummers. The original contingent was comprised of 6 infantry and 5 cavalry regiments together with two batteries and a commander. After the rebasing process I was left with enough privates to muster two further regiments. So I painted more battalion guns, mounted officers etc.. This is the final result:

Now, a closer look to each regiment. First of all the Franconian Kreis Infanterie Regiments; Ferentheil, with red facings:

Varell, with yellow facings:

and Cronegk, with white facings:

Next the Blau-Wurzburg regiment:

the Kur-Trier regiment:

and the Hesse-Darmstadt regiment:

The left-overs gave me 20 blue-coated with white facings privates and 20 blue-coated with assorted facings privates. I mustered them (after some facings repainting..) into the Baden-Baden and Baden-Durlach regiments:

The cavalry contingent is formed by the Cuirassiers regiments Hoenzollern, Bayreuth and Kurpfalz, the last with two different coated white uniforms, and by the Wurttemberg and Ansbach Dragoons:

The field artillery was completed with some horses and the to the commander was given a white coated grenadier orderly and the role of General Major Roth:

So I can try to play the Freiberg scenario or better to get some scenarios for the battles of Korbitz and Strehla....


lekw said...

your figures look great as always very neat and amazing detail for heroics and ros. Keep up the great work!!!

Fabrizio Davi' said...

Thanks! In this lot the main job was however done by the previous owner. I am responsible for the officiers, the gunner, some drummers and for Baden and Varell flags and for the bases general layout. Did you painted more H&R? I remember well the pictures you sent me some time ago.

lekw said...

I have been painting more of the Baccus and Adler 6/7mm figures these days. I love both companies but have to say your heroics and ros look very nice, I may have to dig my older bases out again. I mark a good deal of what I am painting on my blog: