Friday, September 3, 2010

A brief digression: Lobositz

No new pictures and still in vacation. So I decided to upload some pictures taken in a 2006 Lobositz refight (some of them are on the Volley and Bayonet website with an AAR).

The Austrian deployment: in the foreground the Elbe river and the Croats supported by the Grenadiers. Goingto the left Lobositz and the Austrian centre with the Main Army behind the Morellen back. The Prussians are in the background between Homolka and Lobosch hills.

The Austrian center and the Main Army behind the Morellen bach and the Sullowitz Castle, dwarfed by my son's head...

A close-up of Austrian center with the reserve cavalry in the foreground looking towards the sunken road,

and the left wing cuirassiers supported by a dragoon regiment:

The Austrian infantry, looking towards Sullowitz (the picture is out of focus because a Prussian cannonball, not because I am a dummy with taking pictures...)

On the other side of the valley, the cramped Prussian deployment:

After some complicated "deploiren" the bluecoats are ready to attack and after few moves the full battle was joined. The Prussian left wing climbed the Lobosch hill to get rid out of the incoming red cloacks, the center marching towards the sunken road and the cavalry concentrated on the right, ready to exploit every Austrian error...And the error arrived: the gallant cavalry commander forded the Morellen Bach heading towards the Prussians! The whole right wing Prussian cavalry charged the enemies...but the lack of èlan of their commendar ended the charge in a full-scale disaster! (very bad rolls...)

In the meantime the center division closes to kill in the very face of Austrian guns whereas the right wing was busily clearing the vineyards from the croatian rabble...

However, despite the victory on the Lobosch hill, a stalemate insued on the center, with the Austrian steadily shifting regiments after regiments behind the sunken road: with no reserves left and with the cavalry broken and in disarray the Prussian gave up the battle... No pictures are left of the end phases of the battle, certainly put in the fire by the King, under the menaces on the terrified aides: "It will cost your head if anybody shall see these pictures..."


The Haggis said...

Fantastic pictures, Very inspiring. I am creating a project of the same magnitude for Kolin and I will use your board as a model for mine. I love the simplicity of the terrain, only important things shown.

What kind of rivers are those? Self-made or not?

Fabrizio Davi' said...

Thanks. Kolin is a battle on my wish list: I need to paint a lot of hussars from both side to play it, something which my rheumy eyes are trying to prevent!

The rivers are self made with cardboard, painted light blue with brown edges flocked in green and with some lichens.

The Haggis said...

What are you using for those vinyards on Lobosh Hill?

I'd like to try and reproduce them.

Fabrizio Davi' said...

They are made with an evenly corrugated cardboard: the vineyard are made by putting on the cardboard lines of PVA glue sprinkled with green/brown flockage.
Indeed the vineyard are just 1-2mm high in order to allow the stands placement.