Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another map

This is one of the maps from my personal collection. It is from the late XVIII century. Interestingly enough the left side legend is very detailed and describes very well the various phases of the battle.

The letter (a) denotes the Prussian camp whereas the initial Austrian position is denoted with (b). The three Prussian column are denote respectively (c) (d) and (e). The Austrian grenadier corps which was displaced by the advancing Prussian is indicted by (f), whereas in (g) there are the "Batyanischen Dragoner und ein Regiment Infanterie". (h) And (i) are the Prussian infantry and cavalry attacks, (k) the new Austrian position facing these attacks. The Zieten attacks is (l) and (m) are the croats on his tracks. The final attack on the causeway is indicated with the letter (n) and finally (o) and (p) denote the main army and Lacy's corp paths of retreat respectively.

I'll try to post on Kronoskaf a better resolution map in the next few days.

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