Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Month of May painting frenzy – Part I

The last month of May I had what I call a “Painting Frenzy Attack”. Beware: I am fast as a sloth so don’t imagine the hordes of 6mm you can see elesewhere in the web. However, for my standard, it was a fruitful month.

What I did was to paint units which can be used to fight battles in the Saxony theatre. Accordingly I started by beefing up my Reichsarmee with two units of combined grenadiers, a real patchwork of blue and white uniforms and Prussian mitres with Austrian bearskins.

To command the whole bunch nonetheless than Friederich-Michael von Pfalz-Zweibrucken-Birkenfeld (1724-1767) Oberbefehlshaber der Reichsarmee , with an orderly hussar from his personal escort:

This is a well-known portrait of him as an Austrian Feld-Marschall:

this a lesser-known and more “gaudy” juvenile portrait, painted probably when he was at  Versailles…

and these are his hussards (60-70 troopers altogether):

From the Austrian side one composite grenadier regiment (based on the Wurben Grenadiers in the Corps Loudon, 1761) 

and the Loudon Freikorps with its russian style green uniforms:

More Prussian, mainly Freikorps, in the next post.

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