Friday, June 13, 2014

Birthday self-present

Since last June 5th it was my birthday, I decided to buy a present for myself. Luckily enough there was an auction on e-bay for some 6mm armies nicely painted. I won this Hannoverian Army:

which adds to some Hannoverians I bought a couple of years ago from which I extracted 4 bases of infantry and three of cavalry. From these I plan to obtain 6 bases of infantry and 4 of cavalry to arrive at a force of 20 battalions and 28 squadrons.

Since my Kolin project is still idle due to lack of time, I decided to use my few spare time to rebase all them to my standard V&B bases, in order to have a sizable Hannoverian contingent around which to build up an Allied army for the Western theatre battles.  

In the meantime I painted in last May some additions to my army list which allows me to play more battles between Prussians and Imperials. Next post I'll show them.


MSFoy said...

They are very handsome - well done. More importantly, happy birthday! - you deserve a present, I think!

Regards - Tony

Kronos said...

Hey! I'm like 99% sure those are some Hanoverians I painted and sold years ago. Where did you get them from. Seems like all my old 7YW is making its way to Italy.

Fabrizio Davi' said...

Yes Kronos, indeed I recognized the style. I bought them from Germany:)

BTW, I have seen the latest additions on your blog. Nice miniatures again. If you plan to sell them in a future, call me.... :-))

As ever,

The Flayed Man (Ex-Kronos) said...

Well I think my gaming group would kill me if I even considering selling the new batch of 7YW troops. Hanovieran/British should be done within a month and working a little on Reichsarmee. But if you need a unit or two to round out a particular force just give me an email I'm sure we can work something out.

TWR said...

It is useful obtaining new recruits that have already been issued uniforms. I look forward to future updates as they are absorbed into your armies.