Monday, March 17, 2014

Strehla, the solo play test, part II

Second turn, 5.00-6.00 am:

The Austrian corps of Kleefeld and Wurzburg close on the Prussian right wing: Kleefeld bypass Laas and send the Croats toward the wood, whereas a brigade from Wurbzurg cavalry charges the Prussian uphill and his infantry attacks prussian guns

Guasco corp, a single point from the exhaustion, reply behind Clanzschwitz waiting for a new prussian cavalry attack:

The sabre gleaming in the sun, the Reich Hoenzollern Cuirassiers and the Austrian Carabiniers and Horse Grenadiers charge prussian infantry on the Durrenberg:

to be repulsed back in disorder as well as Puebla Infantry (proxy for Macquire, Luzan and the grenadier coys):

On the other end of the battle the Reichsarmee slowly climbs the Strehla plateau, its second line division forming a “Blenheim style” column of attack against the town and the cavalry wheeling on the left wing (Reich infantry is "Poorly Trained" which means that each facing change cost 1/2 movement allowance: this makes the approach painful and slow in V&B):

however the weak-morale infantry is disordered as soon as it came under the range of the prussian battalion guns deployed on the city limits (the prussian disorder chit is a consequence of the movement into the city: notice that in this picture I changed the original decorative town base with a more practical base with the space for two linear base. Indeed I made both kind of bases, one nice to see, the other practical to use, and switch between them as needed).

It is the Prussian turn: on the right wing the guns on the Durrenberg hit and disorder the hungarian regiment of Forgach (proxy for N. Esterhàzy), whereas in the plain between Durrenberg and Strehla Kleist cavalry replies behind the timely arrived infantry reinforcements: it gained time to allow for infantry deployement and it becomes available for another attack elsewhere:

notice the right-angled regiment which makes the line "cavalry flank secure".

In the Strehla sector, the already disordered Imperial infantry fails a further morale test and rout (red and white chits), disordering in turn other two regiments, whereas Furstemberg took an hit from the Prussian guns. Roth division is in total disarray, and the first Imperial attack against Strehla falters (to recover from the rout, the corp commander must be attached to the units which become “permanently disordered –red chit- and lose the battalion guns: indeed a recovered routed unit is of limited use for the rest of the battle).

This is the situation at the end of the second turn:

 the Durrenberg...

                                  ...and Strehla:

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