Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Russian generals

As I said in the previous post, I didn’t remained totally idle in the past year. For instance, last summer I painted some more Russian generals for the Holowczyn scenario:

General Feldmarschall Count Boris Scheremetiev (1652-1719), the overall commander of the Russian Army. According to Konstam “his generalship was solid rather than inspired”. At Holowczyn he arrived late on the scene of the swedish breaktrougth. At Poltava was in command of the foot. He is the tallest guy in the picture, from Mars Saxon Infantry. The other figures are Strelets.

Here he is in full studio armour: 

and in a couple of contemporary prints:


Brigadier General Willim von Schweden (or Schweiden, in green coat) appointed in 1704 and Ivan Chamber (in red coat) appointed in 1703, Repnin’s subordinates, both from Mars Saxon Infantry:

they were in charge of the Russian foot behind the entrenchments. Schweden was killed leading a counterattack of his brigade against Sparre 6 battalions.

Major General von der Goltz (one of the many Saxon officers named Goltz in Peter's Army), commanding the Cavalry, committed piecemeal in the battle:

I represented him dismounted with an Horse Grenadier orderly, the General from the Mars Saxon Infantry whereas the Horse Grenadier is from Mars Swedish Infantry.

Two of his subordinates are the Brigadier Von Hessen-Darmstadt (heavily converted from Strelets, the torso from a foot officer):

and Ifland (a Zvedza Russian Dragoon officier in origin with an added sash), whose dragoons were dismounted (and probably asleep) when the Swedish crossed the Vabijti:

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