Thursday, June 7, 2012

Reinforcements for the Reich

I have finished rebasing the first three regiments from the ebay lot. By the way, they were original painted by Kronos, whose blog deserves a visit for its very nice 6mm Heroics&Ros napoleonics.  

First of them, the regiment Kurmainz from the Kurrhenische Kreis (1757 Wildenstein, 1758 Gudenus). The commander were Oberst Gudenus since 1758 and the Oberst Leutnant von Brencken. Rated Good at Rossbach by Soubise, the quality rapidly deteriorated with the replacement of the original "Hausstruppen" with raw recruits.

The other  two are from the Bayerische Kreis: the regiment Salzburg. It was associated with the Reichsarmee since the War of Spanish Succession and then disappeared into obscurity. Its commander was the Oberst Graf Orbea and the unit performed badly at Rossbach.

and the regiment Kurbayern, a composite one. Indeed it was formed by two battalions from the regiment Pechmann (minus the 2nd grenadier company) and the battalion Holstein. I painted roughly one-third of the miniatures in the red facings of the latter, the others in the straw facings of Pechmann.

Finally I took the white-coated general from the Soubise base, together with two blue-coated officers and "straight-from-the-package" based them as the command base for the Reichs-FML Christian Karl Prinz zu Stolberg-Gedern (1725-1764), which was in command at Freiberg, 1762.

Here his only portrait I was able to find (which is indeed my avatar in Benno's forum). In 1763 he married Eleonore Gräfin Reuss zu Lobenstein, daughter of Heinrich II Graf Reuss zu Lobenstein, an act which ultimately proved to be fatal for him, since he died in 1764 at only 39…