Monday, June 4, 2012

New kids on the block.

Last May, browsing e-bay, I found the following offer for these Heroics&Ros 6mm well-painted and based miniatures:

5 Stands of French Regiment # 21 St. Charmond
5 Stands of French Regiment #119 Royal Deux Points (Awesome Flags on this one)
3 Stands of French Regiment #47 Corp Royal Artillerie
3 Stands of Grenadiers de France
5 Stands of French Artillery
5 Stands of French Horse (2 Red Coats, 2 Blue 1 White)
3 Stands of French Royal Nassau Hussars
2 Stands of French Bercheny (These are OLDER paint jobs...nice but not as impressive as the others)
1 French Army/Corp Commander (Based on Prince de Soubise with actual family crest standard bearer)
9 Stands of Hanoverian Infantry
6 Stands of Heavy Hanoverian Cavalry (Garde du Corp, Grenadiers a Cheval and Zepelin)
5 Stands of Austrian Szechenyi Hussars
2 Stands of Luckner Hussars 
3 Stands of "Experimental" Bases, when I was toying with one base one battalion rule set, 1 base each of 
Austrian Infantry - IR 13 Mercy, Imperial Infantry - Kurmainz Waldstein/Gudenus Regt. - Minucci Bavarian Infantry.

I won the auction and after a couple of week I received the package. Here the content waiting to be mustered in my collection: 

There are enough "rank and file" to muster various regiments. As ever, I need only to add some battalion guns and mounted officers, plus some "odds and sods" to complete my standard of 20 soldiers per regiment plus officers, nco, flags etc…

So, after a long pause, I took again brushes and paints and started to rebasing my purchase.

First of all I looked at the three stand who the previous owner called "experimental". Indeed the whole lot seems to be based for something like "Age of Eagles". These three bases are "battalion-like" and their dimension was close to that of V&B stands.

The Imperial regiment was the Reichsarmee Kurmainz (Waldstein/Gudenus) regiment. It needed only the addition of a battalion gun with three gunners, a mounted officer and a private, since there were only 19 of them. I opted to add a lonely grenadier with its brown austrian type fur hat; I took the flags from here

Since I have enough Austrian regiments, I drafted the Austrian Regiment Mercy into another Imperial regiment: I choose the Salzburg Regiment with red facings. This time I had to repaint facings and gaiters (off-white gaiters in place of black) and to fulfill the ranks with three more privates. The usual complement of battalion guns and mounted officer was finally added to bring also this regiment to my "schematis" for V&B full bases regiments.

Since I didn't found the flag anywhere, I drawn them with Apple Works and printed on an ink-jet using the informations given in Pengel& Hurt and a little bit of imagination: indeed those given therein are the only informations available for a regiments which disappeared into the obscurity at the end of XVIIIth century.

Finally, since I have no plans to start with a Bavarian Army, the Regiment Minucci was modified to obtain the Reichsarmee Kurbayern Regiment, formed with 2 battalions from Pechmann (straw facings) and 1 from Holstein (red facings). Here a delightful depiction of a grenadier from the Holstein battalion (source: Gallica)

Again some repainting and filling the voids with a couple of privates and grenadiers. The flags and all the relevant informations were taken straight from Kronoskaf. 

Next post I'll show the result.


Kronos said...


Kronos said...

That's my Ebay sale!! LOL, funny seeing my painted minis travel the world.

Fabrizio Davi' said...

Nice to meet you. Your minis were very well painted! Hope you shall like them after rebasing :)

Phil said...

A really great work, love your painting style! We play 15mm in our club, and I an see you are really brilliant on 6mm!