Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Swedish Flags, GNW (updated)

Some swedish flags I drawn for my troops. They do not pretend to be commercial masterpieces, but only "wargame-quality" items. They must be reduced about 40% to match with Zvedza and Strelets 20 mm.

Dalcarian Regiment

Vastermalands Regiment

Narke-Varmalands Regiment (not present at Holowczin)

By the way, this a picture of my Narke-Varmalands: it is interesting because is a mix of Strelets (right) and Mars (left). The flag is a previous more "flat" version.

Vastgota Regiment (not present at Holowczin)

Uppland Regiment 


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Ray Rousell said...

Great flags!!!! I only wish I had some figures to use them!!!