Thursday, September 29, 2011

Scheremetjev Command and more on the scenario

The last group of Russian to apper on the battlefield was formed by two "divisions" from the Scheremetiev command: the Renne division comprised of:

the Vladimirski dragoon regiment, raised in Moscow 1706 as Zhdanov's. At Holowczi was under the command of prince P. Meschervsky; 

the Ingermalandski regiment in its yellow coat, raised in St. Petersburg 1703 from selected men of various regiments as Field Marshal Menshikov's: it had the same salary and privileges of Guard Regiments.

The second group was under the command of Maj. Gen. D'Albion:

Pskovski regiment, raised in Moscow 1700 through conscription as Col. Gulitz's regiment. Changed its name in 1708;

Astrakhanski regiment, raised in Moscow 1700 as Col. Gordon's.

Going back to the scenario, it needs a map (click to enlarge):

where the square are one foot wide, and deployment, special rules and victory conditions stuff:

Initial Russian Deployment:
Scheremetjev's Wing: Schere's Battery: Unlimbered in the defences at the point S.
Repnin's Wing: All units are disordered at the start of the game: the infantry is deployed behind the entrenchements. Repnin's Artilley is deployed, unlimbered, in the small village in front of the Russian line.
Goltz's Wing: Ifland's Command is deployed, dismounted at the point IF.

Initial Swedish Deployment:
Initial Attack Force: Anywhere in the square containing Staroje Selo.

Russian Reinforcements:
Russian reinforcements do not arrive automatically. Starting from the second turn the Russian player rolls a D6 in the Command phase: on a modified score of 8 the reinforcements enter at the prescribed point:
Dice Modifiers:
+1 for each turn after the second turn;
-2 if rolling for Goltz's Wing;
-3 if rolling for Scheremetev Wing.
Goltz's Wing:  Goltz DC and Heinske's Command enter on a modified die-roll of 8 at the point RR; Von Hessen Darmstadt's Command enters the following turn at the point RR.
Scheremetjev's Wing: Vladimirski Dragoon Regiment enters on a modified die-roll of 8 anywhere between the redoubt at the point S and the wood at its right. Renne command enters the following turn from the same point. Scheremetev AC and D’Albion command enters the turn following the Renne enter from the same point.

Swedish Reinforcements:
Each turn starting with the first turn a reinforcement group arrives on table at point SR in the following order:
First turn: Sparre DC and his command enter at the point SR;
Second turn: Renskiold CC, Guard Dragoon, Guard Horse/I and Drabants &Guard Horse/II enter at the point SR;
Third turn: Creutz DC with the remaining cavalry enter at the point SR.

Victory Conditions
Basically the Swedish must rout the Russians out of their position. Thus, each player earns 1 victory point for command exhausted and 2 victory point for command routed.  If the Swedish total minus the Russian total is:
-lesser than 2 – Swedish defeats
-between 2 and 4 – Drawn
-between 5 and 7 -  Swedish minor victory
-bigger than 7 – Swedish major victory.
The conditions are indeed a bit hard for the Swedish player, which is clearly commited to an all-out attack.


fireymonkeyboy said...

That command stand is terrific. Who makes the figures?

Fabrizio Davi' said...

They are Strelets, as well all the cavalry, artillery and most of the pikemen.