Saturday, June 4, 2011

Holowczyn Project: Swedish Infantry

The first assault wave was under the direct command of Karl XII, here assisted by a priest while conferring with a wounded officier (all figures Strelets)

and was comprised of the four Guards battalions 

and the second battalion of the Dalcarian Regiment (Col. ) in karpus:

All the Guards battalions have the same uniform and in order to identify them I gave the flag to the Livgardet battalion, whereas the Grenadier battalion (with tricorne) is the one with the drummer. The Guards are Zvedza.

These troops forded the Vabijti river with the water almost chest height, after one hour of prolonged firing by the swedish batteries (the heavy gun is represented with four gunners, one field battery still missing in my OoB):

The second infantry wave was under the command of Maj. Gen. Sparre, whose command figure is still on the painting desk together with Creutz and the second field gun...

and was comprised of the first battalion of Dalcarian together with the Vastamaland:


and Ostgota regiments:

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lekw said...

very nice like the new project I really like the way you lay out the posts. Gives me motivation to get my 6mm Swedes painted.