Monday, June 20, 2011

Holowczyn Project: Swedish Commanders and something else..

In the previous posts I forget to mention a very good scenario for the batlle, filled with informations: it was done by Nick Dorrell for the Polemos rule and can be found at the the Wyre Forest Games Club link:

The scenario, well documented and probably the best available up today, allows for full Russian reinforcements and was presented in Miniature Wargaming.  The same Nick Dorrel is the author of the book "The dawn of the Tsarist Empire. The Russian Campaigns of 1708-1709" which deals also with the other actions of 1708-09 campaign, Holowczyn amongst them:

Looking at the same site, there are many informations about armies and tactics: at the following link a complete description of the Russian Cavalry which confirms the uncertainity about "who was there", is given.

Back to our little plastic men, the Swedish commanders, Sparre and Creutz (the latter already seen in-progress few posts ago)

Here all the Swedish commanders, probably preparing the night surprise attack at the Russian positions:

I also finished the last Swedish gun, here with the others two behind an home-made entrenchment:

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lekw said...

fantastic, I love the priest!!!