Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Bulow division

The bulk of first column was made by the 15 battalions and 30 field guns of the Ramin, Gablenz and Butzke brigades at the orders of Lt. General von Bulow. Here the division emerges from the woods:

In the first line the regiments Alt Stutterheim (IR 30), Manteuffel (IR 17) and Goltz (IR 24),

followed by the regiments of Queiss (IR 8), Jung Stutterheim (IR 20), Alt Braunschweig (IR 5), Forcade (IR 23) and Wedell (IR 26) still in column:

The division arrayed for the battle

Here a close-up of the regiment of Queiss. I used two 5 figures strip to represent a battalion: between the battalions the ensign (i choosed to represent only one flag) and a field officier with partisan. Behind each battalion a sergent and a drummer.

The battalion gun is served by three artilleryman and the regiment is under the watchful eye of a mounted Lt. Colonel..

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