Wednesday, August 12, 2020

On the road again

A new post after a long time. I was unfortunately enough to be caught by the lockdown far from my house. So I didn’t  spent all my quarantine time painting minis or playing wargames and boardgames as many of you did.

Back home at the end of June I finally took brushes  again to complete the doubling of Danish cavalry: here you can see the result (yes, many bases are still unfinished because in the meantime I  also finished the Vallejo texture…). All the details about the regiments were given  in older posts.

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Norber said...

Hi fabrizio. I am glad you have made it home and have posted some fine painted plastics again.

I know the blog refers to 1760. Are you still pursuing the great northern war? I got into this period buying zvezda figures because I liked them so much. My blog is
Where I have a few pictures of zvezda. Currently I am preoccupied with the dark ages Britain though.