Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Still fighting

After a long absence, a little "sign of life". I was busy minding other business and so I put brushes aside for a while.

In the few spare time I was able to carve out, I finished these two "Morale Markers" for Maurice, one for the Russian and the other for the Swedes:

As far as the Russian army is concerned, I had the time to finish Regiment Butirsky, one of the oldest regiments of the Army, being raised in Moscow in 1642 as an "Old Foreign Regiment". Its colonel till 1705 was Gordon, a Tsar close acquaintance. It was in the Azov campaign 1695-96, then at the Narva defeat. In the Baltic campaign then in Poland. Present at Poltava and in the unfortunate Truth campaign, 1711.
It was disbanded by Catherine the Great and merged into the Kuban Jager Corps, in total careless of the Army tradition.

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