Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Another new project

Another new project…..

Pretty busy in many real-life involvments, last night I took from the shelves “The Campaign for the Liberation of Saxony, 1758” by Alistar Brabant, translated by Alistar Sharman and Neil Cogswell, LTR-Verlag 1998 (two volumes, the second filled by maps, drawings and OOB).

There are no full-scale battles between the ReichsArmee and the Prussian Army of Prince Henry, the most important actions being at Sebastienberg and Eilenburg. The only noticeable encounter was indeed Hochkirch between the old lions Fritz and Daun.

Nevertheless the campaign narrative leaves open the possibility of many interesting scenarios, as the -aborted- joint Austrian-Imperial attack on Dresden.

Accordingly, since I have a full ReichsArmee and enough Austrian, Prussian and Saxons to play a full-scale campaign, I would like to design a campaign scenario, starting from the late summer positions. The description, besides Brabant, can be found schematically on Kronoskaf

I have to choose the time and space scale: in my mind the map would be a point-to-point one, with a degree of detail greater than the WOR campaign. At this time there are two boardgames with a point-to-point map of Saxony, both dedicated to the Napoleon campaign of 1813:

Napoleon’s Leipzig Campaign, Omega Games, 1994 (this is indeed the map from the Cyberboard module designed by Rafael Pardo Almundi):

Jours de Gloire Campaign IV: Allemagne 1813, de Lützen à Leipzig, Hexasim 2011:

My idea is not to use these maps, which are tailored on a Napoleonic time and movement scale, but rather to use them as an inspiration for a brand new map which will be based on a map 26 given in by Neil Cogswell in Volume II:

Yet to decide rules and all that stuff. Stay tuned!

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