Sunday, October 12, 2014

More Hanoverians

To complete my Hanoverian Army the multicolored Geyso and Wersebe grenadier battalions:

and the heavy artillery:

The last two regiments of Heavy cavalry, namely 3C-B Hodenberg and 4C-A Breitenbach

so only Dragoons are still missing. To deal with the "kleiner klieg" the 4th battalion of the Legion Britannique, one of the two red-coated:

To command such a reinforcement, Lt. General Christian von Zastrow, with a Garde du Corps orderly:

Busy painting more British legion, Grenadiers and at least a Dragoon regiment. Then I need to place an order to H&R to get Brunswick and Hessians…..In the meantime I completed the ReichsArmee which will be the object of a “Grand Parade” post in the next future.

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