Friday, January 18, 2013

New Year Resolutions

Well, this time I want to start the New Year by setting some "realistic" goals:

(i) To complete the Reichsarmee for Volley and Bayonet. Thus far I have done a sizeable Imperial contingent. To complete the lot I need to paint the following units:

IR Alt-Wurttemberg
IR Furstenberg
IR Nassau-Weilburg
IR Pfalz-Zweibrücken
IR Herzoglich Sächsisches (Weimar, Saxe-Coburg and Hildburghausen)
IR Munster (IR Elverfeldt (1 batt.) + IR Nagel (1 batt.))
IR Kurkoln (Leib-IR Nothaft (1 batt.)+IR Wildenstein (1 batt.));

the last three unit being composite "regiment" in the game format formed by battalions from different units: in particular the Herzoglich Sächsisches Regiment has three different uniforms, the difference between the Koln and Munster battalions being lost in 6mm.

I left out the Pfalz-Hussars (60-70 gentlemen: they shall appear as orderly in the Prince of Zweibrucken command base) and the undistinguished Sachsen-Gotha dragoons, only 200 and therefore below the V&B scale.

Indeed the first two of the list and Kurkoln are already finished and need only to be flocked and photographed...

(ii) To prepare a scenario for the battles of Korbitz and Strehla, two battles were the Reichsarmee was involved together with an Austrian contingent against inferior Prussian forces. A nice scenario for the latter can be found here.

(iii) To play the scenarios and put the pictures and the battle reports on the blog.

(iv) To take pictures of my Napoleonic 20mm in plastic and put them here....

(v) To try Maurice, at least in the Lite version.

Well, the goals are enough given the few spare time I have (indeed one never has enough spare time...).

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Scheck said...

This are many, but great goals for 2013!! - Honestly, same to me.. I plan also some increasing armies...
Please give us a report about your experience abot Volley&Bayonet and your opinion about "Maurice".

I am sceptic with "Maurice" after reading some player reports. I am trying now "Black Powder" and it seems to be in effect smart.

A presto, spero. Peter