Thursday, November 15, 2012

More Frenchmen...

After a long break (one day I'll tell you of my new house and how I moved all the furniture alone to the 5th floor..) more french units from the e-bay lot; first of all two artillery bases, one representing a field artillery "battalion" (in V&B terms), the other an heavy (i.e. 12 pdr) "battalion". The number of horses tells the difference.

The original lot comprised also two hussards regiments, Nassau and Bercheny. I added standard bearers and trumpeters in tricorne to get this:

Royal-Nassau Hussards, est. 1758 from a former free-corps; it was not at Rossbach but was present at Sanderhausen, Lutterberg and Minden. Disbanded 1776.

Bercheny Hussards: raised 1719, the oldest hussar regiment in Louis XV army. Not at Rossbach but present at Hastenbeck, Krefeld and Lutterberg. In 1791 it became the 1st Hussar Regiment and was present to all the main Napoleonic campaigns till 1815 when it was disbanded after Waterloo.

Looking at the Rossbach OoB, there are 6 swiss infantry regiments: thus I decided to paint them. I had many stripes of Heroics&Ros Prussian infantry primed in red to represent Russian infantry in summer uniforms (the still-to-come Zorndorf project): it tooks few seconds to convert them into red-primed swiss. The first two swiss regiments (both at Rossbach) are the Diesbach and Planta regiments:

Swiss Regiment Diesbach, raised on January 1, 1690 across the 13 Swiss cantons. It was ranked 90th and was under the command of Diesbach de Steinbruck. It was at Rossbach, then Sanderhausen, Lutterberg Bergen and Corbach.

Diesbach with Planta in foreground. The regiment Planta was raised according to the ordinance of January 28, 1677 across the 13 Swiss cantons. It ranked 63rd and was under the command of baron de Planta and d'Arbonnier from August 10 1760. At Rossbach, Lutterberg, Minden and Warburg. This time I tried to handpaint the flags, just for fun...

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Superb, Fabrizio - just lovely. How did you get the piano to the 5th floor on your own?

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